Team and History


We have always been innate executants, with passion for communication as a means to transform the ecosystem of organizations.

We are a group of entrepreneurs who long ago started a company which took off by constantly searching for new challenges, breaking the status-quo, believing that behind communication there is sense, a purpose that takes the companies’ management into account. And we have confirmed this once and again for 23 years.

Oxean was founded in 1990, with a clear focus on business and on growing as a company that has a responsibility in its area of action.

We have been influenced by great diversity of careers and characters, and our richness lies in that diversity: artists, a physicist, an advertiser, a political expert, communicators, designers, filmmakers.

We started as an advertising agency, Altermedia. We produced videos for HP, Danone, Carrefour, Bagley; TV and radio commercials for Kellog’s, Metrogas, AOL, among others. The team grew and consolidated, with the solid expertise of its members.

As time went by, we started to see the significance of Internal Communication, strategically managed hand in hand with business management. We positioned ourselves in that area, interacting with External Communication, thus creating a dialogue between all communication areas.

In 2003, we changed our name to Grupo Oxean and our company stepped on solid ground and took a necessary strategic leap regarding business, clients, quality and creativity. As business people, we are practical consultants who look for business results.

Today, Oxean wants to achieve more. It has presence in the Latin American market and it is gradually positioning itself in the US.

We are on our way to become a clear example of Cross Communication in the Latin American market, a turnkey strategic ally that sees to all of our clients' needs regarding identity, culture and organizational communication.