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The key element before filming: to script a powerful concept.

We are Grupo Oxean’s Films&Videos department with over 20 years of experience. We stand out because we pay special attention to the client’s style and needs, and we analyze the most important elements: the key concept, the script and creativity. We perform a comprehensive job, from the script to the final editing, covering the entire project. 

We make newscasts and corporate channels of online TV; documentaries; institutional, educational, training and safety videos; TV and advertising. 

Our main goals are to add value to corporate communication, and to increase knowledge, integration and identity through internal communication. 

We are the first producer in Argentina to develop audiovisual campaigns through mail and the Internet and the first one to offer the corporate newscasts development service. 

Large retailers, banks and oil companies trusted us to develop their internal newscasts, corporate newscasts, corporate TV, and company newscasts. 

We export video productions to other continents (including filming, scripts and post-productions). 

Our work team provides a turnkey service: we have film directors, scriptwriters, producers, directors, art directors, cameramen, makeup artists, speakers in different languages, motion and 3D animators, lighting technicians and editors. Furthermore, our team is formed by professionals specialized in film-making, audiovisual design, advertising, scriptwriting, editing and animation. We started building this department in 1994, as a business unit within Oxean, with the purpose of offering institutional videos for companies, especially in the industrial sector. A few years later, we were already offering our services to high-level companies, such as Hewlett Packard, the Danone Group (Bagley, Lácteos La Serenísima, Villavicencio), Varta and Prestolite, as well as very diverse SMEs. 

In the 2000’s, we started to be the usual suppliers of top-ranking companies, such as YPFKellogg’sHSBCTetra Pak, Logística La Serenísima, Pan American Energy and Carrefour

It was for Carrefour that we developed in 2007 the first corporate newscast in the country, presented by Lalo Mir. The bi-monthly newscast was an innovative tool aimed to transmit news within the company throughout the entire country. 

HSBC chose a similar format in 2008, and still uses it nowadays to communicate the most important information to their employees. It is also used by other companies from different industries, such as the oil company Medanito.