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Experiencing effective communication 

To help every member of an organization discover and develop their personal skills using communication as the main element and business goals as the referential framework.

First, we make a diagnosis of the needs by means of a prior assessment. Based on those results, we propose action plans WITH SUBSEQUENT MONITORING. The process of incorporating skills usually involves a new paradigm. When they try to apply it to everyday actions, old habits arise and inhibit whatever was learned. Our follow-up is designed to incorporate the new concepts. That is the purpose of our training sessions and workshops.
Our view always has a MULTILEVEL goal: we face each stage of the process from different integrated dimensions, taking into account an ultimate goal.
What do we mean by MULTILEVEL? From our point of view, human beings are composed of multiple dimensions. We think that the way of creating something new and lasting is affecting most parts of individuals at the same time and allowing them to find their own answers from there.

Training sessions and workshops
All our workshops and training sessions are based on our MULTILEVEL methodology, with three simultaneous approaches: experiential, emotional and rational.
1.   Introduction to Internal Communication I
2.    Introduction to Internal Communication II
3.    Measurement and Monitoring in Internal Communication
4.    Diagnoses and Internal Communication Plans 
5.    Media and Channels: Action Matrix, Tones and Messages
6.    Effective Meeting
7.    Universalizing Leaders
8.    How to be your Team’s Coach (fede method)
9.    Specifics for every need

Examples of issues we can tackle:

•    Creation of the IC area
•    Training for Internal Communicators
•    Communication Concepts for Managers
•    Culture & Identity
•    Internal Processes: Call Center, Help Desk, Commercial Area, Presentation Coach, the Ideal Meeting, etc.
•    Leadership based on Communication
•    Group Dynamics