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Internal Communication

What do you need to do for Internal Communication to be in line with your business goals?


Experiencing effective communication

To help every member of an organization discover and develop their personal skills using communication as the main element and business goals as the referential framework.

We are Grupo Oxean’s department specialized in Internal Communication, with over 20 years of experience. We are pioneers in the Argentine and Latin American markets. 

We strongly believe that Internal Communication means to speak to all those people whose energy drives a company forward. Our commitment is to help our clients inspire and encourage their employees through well-oriented, clear, creative and simple actions. We create conversations that overcome barriers and make deep transformations possible within organizations. 

We work on the strategy (consultancy) and on tactics (productions) of communication projects, developing turnkey solutions on demand for all of our clients.

We value the human and professional quality of our employees, which creates a working environment based on cooperation and camaraderie.

We feel proud to enjoy our jobs so much. 

Our vendors and partners complement our services meeting all our clients' internal communication needs. We choose them based on shared values, a positive attitude and great passion for the work we do.

In Oxean CI, we are strategic partners and creators of ideas, and we work in a way that allows us to succeed in the business world.