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External Communication

What do you need to do for External Communication to be in line with a company’s identity, internal communication and business goals?

We are Grupo Oxean’s department of External Communication, with over 20 years of experience.

We strongly believe that External Communication has to be in line with the organization’s identity and culture, as well as its brand and internal communication. Communication with the outside world is useless, unless we communicate internally, and vice versa. In order to have a strong image and a solid reputation, and to accomplish successful and extraordinary business results, it is necessary to transmit the company’s internal identity and culture to others. 

We analyze the company’s business situation, as well as its identity, culture and external communication with qualitative and quantitative methods, in order to identify opportunities for improvement. 

We develop operating and strategic communication plans to address the opportunities for improvement that have been identified: for the company, its departments, and its products and services. And we propose action plans (campaigns or other initiatives) for their implementation (events, films, videos, digital content, graphics, and different projects to meet the client’s needs.)

The strategic leader works together with the people in charge of campaigns and project implementations, in order to ensure that the strategy is consistent with the desired image, reputation and results. 

We work on the strategy (consultancy) and on tactics (productions) of communication projects, developing turnkey solutions on demand for all of our clients.

We value the human and professional quality of our employees, which creates a working environment based on cooperation and camaraderie.

Our vendors and partners complement our services meeting all our clients' communication needs. We choose them based on shared values, a positive attitude and great passion for the work we do. 

In Oxean, we are strategic partners and creators of ideas, and we work in a way that allows us to succeed in the business world.