We were born in the 20th century, and we grew up in the 21st century.

Many of us have extensive market experience, others are natives of the digital world. We work to create a more sustainable and human world, with better communication.

Our goal? To engage in conversations that promote awareness and healthier organizations.

We know how to do our job. We love it, and it shows!

Diversity is our strength

A multidisciplinary team that makes systemic transformations.

Communicators, graphic designers, industrialists, digital specialists, film directors,
sociologists, anthropologists, philosophers, advertising creatives, physicists, mathematicians,
economists, teachers, artists, and other passionate professionals, with
extensive experience and proven results.

Federico Astíz

President, Oxean Group

Hello, I am Fede Astiz, Founding Partner and President of Oxean Group.
I love innovating and helping entrepreneurs, changing paradigms, and learning from different perspective. It also delights me the connect with nature, due to this, I really enjoy working a lot with the purpose of that more and more people become interested in creating a more sustainable world.
This can only be done by thinking and transforming, in a comprehensive and holistic way, step by step.
I honestly believe in the potential of communication to accomplish this goal. And I have proof of this.

Ariel Herrera


I am Ariel Herrera, businessman and Vice President of Oxean Group. Publicist, artist and a born entrepreneur. I have followed a long path applying practical and intuitive creativity to Cross Communication strategies for companies.
During the last 20 years, my career has grown and solidified in Oxean Group, always focused on customer satisfaction and support. As a result, I have developed a comprehensive view on dynamic relationships. I specialized in creating a strong bond with clients, based on trust, and coordinating work teams.
I can’t imagine a strategy without performance and creativity aimed at promoting business opportunities. I am driven by self-creation, finding fun in everything I do, authentic freedom, and the different types of interpersonal relationships.

Alberto Rafael


I am Alberto Rafael, one of the five partners of Oxean Group. I am a physicist and I have been a communicator since the age of 26. I “ran into” internal communication in 1998, when the concept of providing internal communication professionally didn’t exist in Argentina, and since then, I have never stopped working in this field.
Always focused on making communication a key tool to help companies achieve their goals.
That is how, together with our team of professionals, I started digging in deeper into this field. I specialized in making diagnoses, developing strategies and training many multinational companies from Argentina and Latin America.
I led a wide variety of internal campaigns in companies of almost every industry.
“As a speaker, trainer and consultant on internal communication, I provide companies and their people the support they need to grow and achieve their goals. My personal objective is that each individual can find their purpose in their job, and if possible, that they can leverage that in their personal lives as well”.

Lorena Pachamé

Financial Director

I am Lorena Pachamé, and I have been Financial Director at Oxean Group for 23 years. I am a commercial high-school graduated with business and accounting orientation, and I specialized in balance sheet and financial statement analysis, tax settlement (applications), event planning, ceremonial and protocol, negotiation techniques and staff recruitment (Universidad de Buenos Aires).
As an Financial Director, I plan, manage, monitor and coordinate the overall operation of the company, coordinating decision-making, supervising and tracking administrative processes in general. As the head of the production department, I prepare budgets and I am responsible for surveying projects, managing and tracking the resources allocated to every project, running and controlling the cost center, and managing vendors and employees.
“In the field of productions and events, we deliver the turnkey solutions required to communicate. This includes everything: from the analysis of the message to be conveyed, diagnosis, suggestion of materials and printing systems, decors, gifts, among other services, to the delivery of the final product or event”.

Valeria Scherbovsky

Operational Director

Diego Caggiano

Content Director

I am the Content Director and a partner of Oxean Group. I majored in Film Making and I have always worked as a writer of literature and scripts, video director and communication campaigns creator. My field of expertise is narrative and audiovisual language.
We have over 20 years of experience in audiovisual production. Our abilities to listen to our client’s needs and to write scripts set us apart. Thus, our videos tell stories that have an impact on the audience. We provide a comprehensive service, from the script up to the final edition.

Diego Beluje

Senior Art Director

I am Diego Beluje, Art Director at Oxean Group. I received a traditional training, since my childhood to my adolescence, I attended different drawing and painting workshops.
I used to draw, ink and paint, and over time I simply changed the tools.
I have been working at Oxean Group for 21 years, doing design work, illustrations, motion graphics and audiovisual productions.
I am responsible for finding the essence of an idea and trying to depict it visually.
As a communicator, I use creativity, as well as graphic and audiovisual narrative to create atmospheres, to inspire feelings and to persuade for an effective communication.
I love spending time with my family and watching my daughter grow together with my wife, through games, swings and gardening.
“I am convinced that training in art and design never ends, evolution consists of researching to keep learning and never losing curiosity and our capacity for amazement”.

A story of communication


When we first started, we wanted to create our own agency: we were young and inexperienced, but we believed that we could do it.
Our first clients were SMEs located in the suburbs. We would travel for two hours or even more to get the approval for a brochure or an ad.

With ingenuity and a positive attitude, we expanded our services: we started producing videos, organizing events, and working on digital developments which were very different back then.

When we had our first meeting in a large company, we could not believe it. We were very excited and prepared our best project proposal. And we found a client who trusted us.

Step by step, a new phase began: providing services to large companies. At first, we had small isolated projects: a magazine, a video or a brochure. But through those projects, we learned new things, professionalized our work and changed our methods to respond to increasing demands.

New members joined the team, and we started working with new vendors and clients. As we grew, we opened our minds and started to see things differently.

Our workspace has changed as well: we went from working in the apartment of one of the team members to a small office. Then, we had a slightly bigger office and after that, we moved to the typical house in the neighborhood of Palermo. Later, we moved the agency to an office with a river view downtown and gave it a completely new format.

We felt that our thing was internal and institutional communication. We added value to our content and a strategic vision to everyday activities.


That is how we attracted new clients: large retail chains, oil companies, and leading brands in the food, building and banking industries.

And we keep moving. Apparently we like to move and innovate. We left the downtown office and moved to a house in Nuñez, and after that, to an office in Belgrano. Today we work at a co-working space, which enables us to connect to people, and explore new possibilities and paradigms.

Our ultimate goal remains the same: to keep growing and learning. We work side by side with clients, employees and vendors that support our growth. In other words: we work together with people who share our passion for communicating and doing what we love.

And we still believe that we can have our own agency.