Valeria Abadi


Corporate Manager of Institutional Communication

Soledad Veiga


Head of Corporate Internal Communications

Fernando Arango


Manager of Corporate Communications

Cecilia Arbini


Head of Communication and Culture

Daniela Campo


Senior of Communication and Culture

They are our strategic partners in internal communication. We were lucky to share with them the Eikon prize that our magazine won in October of 2015. They gave us the possibility to build an alliance that goes beyond working together, but rather they help us with the business challenges that arise and support the company’s growth.

Cecilia ArbiniBANCO HIPOTECARIO - Head of Communication and Culture

And it finally happened. We wanted to launch a sustainability campaign that was very important to us, and we decided to give Oxean Group a chance to see what they had to offer. And it ended up being the most memorable Arcor campaign. It was an emotional campaign that reflected our values. It marked the beginning of the company’s relationship with Oxean Group.

Valeria AbadiARCOR - Corporate Manager of Institutional Communication

To me, they are not just a creative agency, but my work team, the people I trust and who support me by producing ideas, solving issues, finding solutions and implementing plans. Furthermore, they managed to continue innovating and supporting our development in the field of internal communication within the company.

Soledad VeigaARCOS DORADOS - Head of Corporate Internal Communications

Strategies and tactics are essential for a company like McDonald’s, because we have a very demanding activities calendar during the whole year. Therefore, the support I receive from Oxean Group in the Communications department is key, since their creativity and production work ensure the success of our everyday work in the company and of the work we do together.

Fernando ArangoMcDONALD’S ARGENTINA - Manager of Corporate Communications

We found in Oxean Group a team of professionals that help us on our everyday communication actions, content production, design, but most importantly, we found good people, a great work team, filled with warmth and good vibes.

Daniela CampoBANCO HIPOTECARIO - Head of Communication and Culture

Working with Oxean Group is more than building a team. It means relying on people that embrace your ideas and work to make them come true with commitment and professionalism. And I intentionally said “people”, because they are not (just) executives. They are Beto, Caro and many others, who are capable of looking you in the eye, connecting to you and remembering what book you are reading, or sharing new and inspiring ideas for your plans, always delivering projects on time, with patience for all the changes made. A great balance between a comprehensive, open and deep perspective.

Pilar FourcadeDanone - Head of Internal Communication

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