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Internal & Institutional

Communication Consulting

We believe that Internal Communication should become a strategic area within every organization.

Therefore, we work towards achieving a triple impact:

  1. pursue business goals
  2. encourage employees’ growth
  3. drive emotional value within the company.
We accomplish these goals by analyzing all our actions from different levels and perspectives.

During our 28 years in the market, as Pioneers at Internal Communication in Latin America, we have studied extensively. But most importantly, we have gained expertise and knowledge by working with 500 organizations of different sizes and industries.

What do we usually do?

Internal communication diagnoses, strategic plans, development of creative campaigns and concepts, operating plans, guidance and follow up.

We implement systemic tools, design thinking workshops and agile methodologies to find the best solutions for every situation based on proven methods.

We have addressed the following issues: absenteeism, productivity, system migrations, office relocations, sustainability plans, accident rates, mergers, among others.

What is Cross Communication?

Cross communication consists of systematically managing consistency between culture and communication.
Is to align both, internal and institutional communication, in order to build a unique and powerful identity that achieves great results.
It’s to have a strategy that generates positive transformations throughout the entire organization. 

We are not just corporate communication consultants.

We make changes happen through our commitment and an end-to-end service.

Cross Communication

We use Cross Communication and Systemic Communication tools to build bridges that transform organizations, making them healthier and more productive.

We analyze the situation.  We recognize needs. We seize opportunities. We create a map. We leverage resources. 
We push the boundaries of the possibilities.

 We take care of everything, from the planning to the execution. We make things happen.
We deliver measurable results.

Communication bridges

built over 3 steps

Strategic Consulting
Diagnostics, measurements, strategic and tactical plans.

Content & Creativity
Design & Development.

Campaigns, events, training programs, e-learning, social networks, digital, audiovisual, graphic and environmental developments.

Materials and Campaigns

e believe that developing communication materials means understanding organizations and creating messages that motivate people, as well as helping the internal and institutional communications departments deliver their messages in an effective, attractive and striking way.

We create internal communication campaigns taking into account that we speak to people, that we want them feel driven by a purpose and to be aware of their footprint in the world.

We believe there are no small messages: with cross communication every single thing we say can drive change.

By creating materials, we are telling a story. The challenge lies in finding the right tone and style for every need, thus generating high quality communications that achieve strategic goals and drive value through change.

Corporate Events

We have been organizing all types of events for over 25 years:

Internal events:  team building, TEDx or similar conventions with inspirational talks, sustainable events, corporate events with games and activities, engagement sessions, prize awarding ceremonies, sporting events, integration events, events at companies’ premises, year-end parties and internal conventions.
Institutional Events: conventions, press events, product presentations and launches, anniversaries, among others.
• Our methodology is very simple:
  1. We meet you.
  2. We listen to and understand your needs.
  3. We suggest some great ideas.
  4. We create together with you.
  5. We support you.
  6. We translate ideas into reality.
• How do we do it?
  1. We brainstorm powerful ideas and concepts.
  2. We put them into practice from start to finish.
  3. We are involved in every stage of the process.
  4. We optimize timing, costs and resources.
  5. We transform experiences and people.
  6. We appeal to all the senses.
  7. We create striking and memorable moments.

Audiovisual Productions

The scope of video content as a means of communication within organizations is growing. Videos are inspiring tools that deliver key messages in a clear and entertaining way in just a few minutes or seconds.

And this tool is very familiar to us, because it is part of our DNA: Oxean’s team of entrepreneurs includes audiovisual producers. Our agency is characterized by video production. It is one of the things that make us different and define us. Video production is much more than just one of our services: it is a way of experiencing communication.

Our team includes scriptwriters, directors, producers, cameramen, editors and presenters with extensive experience in videos for internal communications, institutional communications, entertainment, events, social media, and much more.

We create:

  • Spots and institutional videos
  • Internal communications videos
  • Testimonial videos for social media and internal use
  • Animated explainer videos
  • Motion graphics
  • Entertainment videos
  • Videos for internal launches
  • Videos for events

Digital Developments

We develop digital tools aimed to extend the scope of communication through every interaction with the users.

Our team creates digital manuals for the launch of regional campaigns and actions, as well as entertainment and product testing applications for clients.

Digital developments enable us to measure the impact of our materials, create channels to facilitate two-way communication with the organizations’ employees, and reach end-users in a friendly, dynamic and simple way.

Internal Communications

Training and Workshops

Based on years of research and experience, we discovered what workshops and training courses are key to create real change:
  • They have a practical-theoretical-experiential format.
  • They address each organization’s specific needs.  Therefore, solutions are proposed based on real and concrete problems.
  • Oxean helps the client determine what employees will have a bigger impact within the organization. Then, we work with them individually and collectively.
  • We practice active listening. The workshop or training course is very useful to collect data that serves as a reference to assess the organization’s situation.
W e are constantly working to find the best ways to establish diagnoses, develop communication plans, train leaders, adopt negotiation techniques, implement design thinking, employ agile methodologies, hold effective meetings, accomplish integration, establish an internal communications network, find role models, and coach leaders and other members of organizations.


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